The brand was born in 2011, by former Spaniard Franco Morales. With no formal fashion training, Franco Morales set about learning how to make clothes. Beginning in London, He surrounded himself with people who had been sewing, cutting and constructing classic workwear for generations. Working with these skilled craftsmen taught Franco Morales early on about the importance of quality workmanship and careful attention to detail.

These principles soon became the foundation of the Franco Morales - Somewhere philosophy.

Franco Morales was born in Salamanca in 1976 (Spain) and raised in Barcelona. Shortly after graduating from the Barcelona Art School, he moved to London in 2002. He began to work as a freelance designer of commercial collections. Designed for the accounts of Topshop, Topman, River Island, Urban Outfitters (London High St. Market).

By 2005 he was designing children’s clothing, as well as sports and casual wear for a British manufacturer. This practical experience would prove invaluable when he eventually started to produce and retail his own designs. Franco Morales continued to freelance before going on to produce his own collection of Scarves, tees and Bags.

Balancing a nostalgic historical sense with radical modernism, Franco Morales's work is characterized by attention to detail.

Impelled by a vision of the man who takes the time to "dress up", Franco Morales has embarked on an esthetic quest, pursuing a new masculinity infused with poetry and authenticity.

The active lifestyle designs are a modern interpretation of timeless classics that combine utility, style and function.

Often provocative, never obvious, Franco Morales - Somewhere is characterized by a very strong identity and an independent creative development.

Inspiration is primarily found within different movements in music, cinema and art and serves as a foundation for the sustained mission; to define a modern style for the multifaceted and enthusiastic individuals.

Today the team behind Franco Morales - Somewhere works proactively with the mantras; passion, awareness, reaction & fascination in all senses from early stage sketches to final production.

Franco Morales - Somewhere is the brand for someone who appreciates the finer things, but doesn't take themselves too seriously. Confident, Bold, & Independent. The customer is effortlessly iconic, sometimes mischievous, always empowered, timelessly stylish, & forever eclectic.

Our garments are made by people who know and love the outdoors. Proudly perpetuating our outdoor Heritage, we are always committed to bring you the best of fashion, function, practicality and durability in every design we manufacture.

Franco Morales - Somewhere is a concept, a philosophy, an aesthetic, a style, and a product.

Franco Morales - Somewhere is Passion, People, Product, and Profitability.


Often provocative, never obvious.